Dr Femi Aderinto

Dr Femi Aderinto

Lecturer II

Personal Data


  1. Name: FEMI-ADERINTO,  Adedolapo Modupe
  2. (a) E-mail address(es):femiaderintodolapo@gmail.com; dolly2k6@yahoo.co.uk; aaboderin@oauife.edu.ng
  3. Mobile Phone Number(s):08036321002; 08189463606


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RESEARCH FOCUS:                                                        

The focus of my research is community development geared towards exploring women issues as it pertains to their health, family life, work/job/vocation/livelihood, leisure, religiosity, cultural orientation. I am also interested in contributing to knowledge by exploring the beauty of formal, non-formal and informal human relationships and how relationships result in learning for overcoming challenges.