DR. OGUNRIN Adeola Bosede

DR. OGUNRIN Adeola Bosede


OGUNRIN Adeola Bosede

E-mail address: abogunrin@oauife.edu.ng; adeolaogunrin@yahoo.com.

Mobile number: +2348137732003

Dr. A. B. Ogunrin is a senior lecturer who has been in the service of the Obafemi Awolowo university as an academic in the Department of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University since 1999. Her areas of specialisation include Adult Education, Community Development, Gender and Gender Related Issues and Peace Education.

She belongs to several professional bodies including: British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE), Nigeria National Council for Adult Education (NNCAE), The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE).

Dr A.B. Ogunrin has contributed to knowledge through her research activities. She has concentrated on broadening the knowledge base on peace education and its relevance to university education and cultivating a culture of peace which in itself should be a way of life and a direct opposite of culture of violence which has dominated the society where we are all socialised. She placed a high premium on good character which is a combination of personal and professional integrity, empathy and spirituality. She believes very strongly that character must temper competence for the latter to adorn a human visage and produce mutually beneficial services to all stakeholders.

Dr A.B. Ogunrin’s research has been deliberately multi-disciplinary in order to enrich the methodology and research outcomes, although she has not lost sight of the place of adult education as a critical tool for advocacy and mobilization towards the empowerment of young adults and women in Nigeria and ultimately nation development. Her research has therefore contributed to women’s social and economic empowerment, especially with regards to university education and wage employment and also to the area of peace education as evident in her Ph.D. thesis and many articles published in the area of peace education for community and character development. Dr Ogunrin’s research findings are designed to be of strategic importance to policy makers, to educational planners and to academic researchers.

In addition to teaching, research and administrative duties, Dr A.B. Ogunrin was resource person for UNIFECS/SUBEB Teachers’ Capacity Building Workshop and Teachers’ Professional Development Programme (Cluster School Model) in Osun State (in order to improve their teaching effectiveness). She served as monitoring officer for NECO in Osun State. The aim was to reduce examination malpractice and to uphold the integrity of the examination. She was also the chairperson, local organising committee of the NNCAE conference which was held at Obafemi Awolowo University, Île-Ife to ensure the successful outcome of the conference. In addition, Dr Ogunrin participated in a two weeks intensive workshop organised by the Department of Adult Education, University of Wurzburg, Germany to enhance my intellectual capacity and capability as an adult educator. Dr Ogunrin was likewise the Independent Assessor National Teachers Institute (NTI) Kaduna, in Oyo State, where a Capacity Building Workshop for Teachers, 2017 FME/NTI/SDGs took place in March 2018. Dr Ogunrin monitored the one-week programme and gave constructive suggestions for improvement where necessary among teachers in Oyo State.

Dr A.B. Ogunrin is currently the Acting Head of Department, Department of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University.



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